Mini Me Melbourne

The life of a parent — especially a new parent — can seem pretty demanding, with your days organised around feedings, nappy changes and sleep times. But we know there are many joys of being a parent, and that includes still being able to go out and explore your city — they way you did before you had your baby or toddler in tow. In Mini Me Melbourne youll find loads of ideas for fun things for parents to do with their little ones around Melbourne. There are places to play together — museums, farms, festivals and the like — as well as child-friendly cafes, and shops where you'll covet the goods as much for yourself as for your children. Everything's aimed at kids aged zero through five, although most listings are also perfect for older kids. With a gorgeous design and a number of suburbs covered in each city, this ebook makes the ideal gift or a lifesaver for parents who like to have as much fun on outings as their kids.

  • ISBN
  • 9781743580578
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  • ebook