Keeping it Simple

Eva Stovern

When it comes to cooking, Eva Stovern’s motto is the same whether she’s preparing meals on the road or at home: keep it simple, use few utensils, make it tasty and healthy. In Keeping it Simple, Eva not only demonstrates this motto with a wealth of new recipes, but she’s also expanded on her original list of 30 staple items, by adding a new set of ingredients. The chapters cover everything from soups and pasta, to seafood and sweet treats, with easy-to-follow recipes like mushroom risotto and ‘berrymisu’. There are also handy 'how to' sections such as how to cook a great steak and make shortcrust pastry. Featuring a bright design and photography, with spiral-binding for easy handling, the Caravan Chef is back with new and interesting recipes for travellers and home cooks alike.

  • ISBN
  • 9781741174670
  • Dimensions
  • 230mm x 200mm
  • Format
  • Spiral bound
  • Published
  • 1 February 2015