Street Art: Australia

Lou Chamberlin

As you walk down the street in cities and towns across Australia from Perth to Benalla, Toowoomba to Melbourne, you might stumble across a seven-storey-high painting of a woman's face on a building; a giant echnida... Find out more

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365 Nature

Anna Carlile

Slow down … let go … simplify … 365 Nature does just this. It’s your entry into a world that spins slowly and draws its inspiration from the earth, the ocean, the sun and the sky. 365 Nature... Find out more

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Styling Made Simple

Katy Holder

Beautiful yet easy styling ideas are no longer just for professional stylists! Experienced food stylist Katy Holder shares her many ideas to help you style your home or next big occasion with ease using inexpensive... Find out more

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A Moveable Feast

Katy Holder

We’re all after a food experience that will transport us – but what about food we can transport? This gorgeous new cookbook by food stylist Katy Holder is full of recipes that look good, taste great and... Find out more

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Australia's Top 100 Places To Go – The Ultimate Bucket List

Jennifer Adams and Clint Bizzell

Australia’s Top 100 Places to Go is the book that every Australian or overseas traveller needs so they can design their own travel bucket list to the land down under. The top 100 places were determined by public... Find out more

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Food Truck Feasts

Erika Budiman

A feast for your eyes as well as your tummy, Food Truck Feasts is the first book to reveal the recipes behind Australia’s most successful food trucks, from Gumbo Kitchen’s fried chicken and andouille gumbo... Find out more

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Aussie Loos with Views

Marion Halliday

Australia is an amazing place, but did you know that some of our most stunning views can be experienced from the loo? After a life-changing trip to Kata Tjuta – well, to the loo at Kata Tjuta – Marion... Find out more

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Sh*t on My Hands

Bunny Banyai and Madeleine Hamilton

‘Upside of being a parent: pure love. Downside: sh*t on my hands.’ So says Bunny Banyai, one of the two authors of this pithy commentary on the twists and turns of parenting under-twos. Blunt, humorous and... Find out more

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Gourmet Touring around Australia (2nd ed)

Australia is home to some of the world’s best food and wine destinations, and this book will help you to discover the very best of them. With a focus on regional areas, Gourmet Touring around Australia covers... Find out more

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1000 Great Places to Explore in Australia (2nd ed)

Now in full colour! 1000 Great Places to Explore in Australia details the very best places that Australia has to offer, from its famous destinations to its best-kept secrets. The book is divided into state chapters, and... Find out more

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How Well Do You Know Australia?

So, you think you know Australia? Well, besides cute, what do you call a baby koala? Which Big Thing has been nicknamed ‘Rambo’? What do Bruce Willis films have in common with Australian towns? And what is... Find out more

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Australia: The Photographer’s Eye (2nd ed)

By Nick Rains

Award-winning photographer Nick Rains travels Australia with his camera, capturing the country’s diverse landscapes and many moods. With this second edition including five additional touring regions, Australia: The... Find out more

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Explore Australia 2016

Plan your next Australian holiday with Explore Australia 2016, the best-value travel guide and atlas on the market. Packed with information for over 700 towns across this great land, as well as detailed capital city... Find out more

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Vantastic: Retro caravan holidays in the modern world

By Kate Ulman

From caravan craft projects to tips on how to select the best caravan park, Kate Ulman takes a whimsical and nostalgic look at caravanning holidays in the modern world. Kate and her family are seasoned caravanners,... Find out more

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Australia's Coast (2nd ed)

Beaches are central to Australian life with around 85% of the population living within 50 kilometres of the coast. Our coastal areas are also a major tourist drawcard due to their beautiful scenery, unique marine life... Find out more

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Down Under Map of the World Map 161 7th

UBD Gregorys

Show your mates around the world that Down Under is now on top! Always a hit with tourists and a popular talking piece, this unconventional map puts the world upside down with Australia in its rightful place on top of... Find out more

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Australian Wildflowers Journal

Illustrations by David Mackay

David Mackay worked as an illustrator at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney for over 16 years. During that time, he was the first person to ever draw the Wollemi Pine, shortly after it was discovered in 1994. The... Find out more

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Australian Birds Journal

Illustrations by Guy Troughton

The Australian Birds Journal is a brand-new addition to Explore Australia’s range of travel products. This beautiful journal features stunning illustrations by Guy Troughton and a wealth of lined pages to create a... Find out more

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Gourmet Travel Journal

This beautiful journal is a companion piece to Great Gourmet Weekends in Australia. The journal includes tab sections where you can write out recipes, record wine-tasting notes, and plan a gourmet weekend away. Peppered... Find out more

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Travel Diary

This handy diary is perfect for your backpack! There’s loads of space to record your itineraries, expenses, names and addresses of people you meet on your travels, as well as all your daily musings. There is also... Find out more

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Hide & Seek Melbourne box set

For the perfect Christmas present, this box set is ideal for any Melburnian interested in discovering the city’s best hidden places. The box is a work of art in itself, featuring images of Melbourne’s iconic... Find out more

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Walks in Nature: Melbourne

By Viola Design

Walks in Nature: Melbourne covers 32 trails for Melbourne and the surrounds, for those who want to explore stunning natural environments. Each trail is 9–19 kilometres long and includes a place to eat where you can... Find out more

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