How Well Do You Know Australia?

So, you think you know Australia? Well, besides cute, what do you call a baby koala? Which Big Thing has been nicknamed ‘Rambo’? What do Bruce Willis films have in common with Australian towns? And what is Australia’s oldest chocolate bar? These are just some of the BIG questions asked in this fun and slightly irreverent quiz book. So jump in your Torana and navigate your way around the twists and turns of these trivia questions covering everything from bushrangers to politicians, cuddly critters to Big Things, sporting achievements to film stars. There will be lots of familiar sights, but also some curvy bends that’ll take you to Woop Woop and beyond! So fire up the barbie, invite your mates or the family around and fi nd out why it’s great to be Australian!

  • ISBN
  • 9781741174359
  • Dimensions
  • 162mm x 126mm
  • Format
  • paperback
  • Page extent
  • 104 pages
  • Published
  • January 2014

RRP $9.95