Country Australia

Nick Rains

While the majority of Australians live close to the coast, the heart of our nation is still in the country, as spectacularly displayed in this collection of photographs by renowned photographer Nick Rains. Lens by lens,... Find out more

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Coastal Australia

Nick Rains

From the cauldron of seas around subantarctic Macquarie Island to the Kimberley's tidal flats, Nick Rains's photographs evoke the varied, yet always majestic, beauty of Australia's coastline. With a selection... Find out more

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Street Art: Melbourne

By Lou Chamberlin

Street art is a visual conversation between many voices. It’s seen in an open-air exhibition space that’s constantly changing through the work of many people acting alone and yet together. It can be... Find out more

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The Best of Australia

Images supplied by Auscape Photo Library

The Best of Australia presents stunning photography of our country’s iconic landscapes and unique wildlife in this large-format and hardback book. Divided into themes such as ‘Ancient stories’,... Find out more

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Australia's Coast (2nd ed)

Beaches are central to Australian life with around 85% of the population living within 50 kilometres of the coast. Our coastal areas are also a major tourist drawcard due to their beautiful scenery, unique marine life... Find out more

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Australia: The Photographer’s Eye (2nd ed)

By Nick Rains

Award-winning photographer Nick Rains travels Australia with his camera, capturing the country’s diverse landscapes and many moods. With this second edition including five additional touring regions, Australia: The... Find out more

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