Street Art: Melbourne

By Lou Chamberlin

Street art is a visual conversation between many voices. It’s seen in an open-air exhibition space that’s constantly changing through the work of many people acting alone and yet together. It can be colourful, raw, controversial or witty. And because of its transient nature, street art is best recorded through photographs.

Melbourne’s dynamic street art scene covers everything from stencils, paste-ups and yarn bombing to the sprayed, rolled and brushed paintings that appear overnight in city streets and laneways. This book is a witness and a celebration of street art photographed around Melbourne, Australia over the last eight years.

Lou Chamberlin is an artist, author and arts educator. She has been teaching and writing about art and artists for children and young adults for 20 years, and has created artists’ books for the last 10 years. Her interest in street art has been fuelled by living and working in Melbourne, with its vibrant and ever-changing street art scene. She has also researched and prepared photo-documentation of the street art of Rio de Janeiro and Valparaíso. The images in this book were captured between May 2005 and July 2013.

Foreword by Luke McManus, Chairperson Hosier Inc, and regular contributor to INVURT and Vandalog.

  • ISBN
  • 9781741174311
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  • 220mm x 235mm
  • Format
  • paperback
  • Page extent
  • 232 pages
  • Published
  • November 2013

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