Michelin Spain Green Guide


Michelin’s Green Guides offer in-depth information for travellers with a little more time to spend at their destination. Organised into geographical sections, the Spain guide thoroughly covers every topic of interest to travellers from historical backgrounds, art and architecture to cultural insights. You'll also find star-rated attractions, regional introductions, detailed maps and recommendations for Spain's great hotels and restaurants for a variety of budgets. Visit a Rioja winery, admire Barcelona s Modernist architecture, or island-hop across the Canaries.Whether you like to plan your trip carefully, or be spontaneous, Michelin’s trusted Green Guides cover all of the tips and advice to ensure you see the best of everything on your holiday.


  • Star-rated activities, including family-friendly attractions, and detailed visitor information; lively introductions to the area, its people and culture.
  • Unique driving and walking tours, which Michelin’s guides are becoming increasingly known for.
  • Colourful, easy-to-read maps throughout.
  • Restaurant and hotel reviews to suit any budget.
  • The ‘Don’t miss’ feature means you won’t visit a museum and accidentally walking past the most famous works.
  • ISBN
  • 9782067188693
  • Published
  • May 2014

RRP $42.95