Guidelines for My Explore users

Contributing to this site
Any content uploaded to Explore Australia’s website will go through an approval process before it appears on the site. Users will be informed via email when any post is approved. Please be patient when awaiting approval – this may take several days.

By signing up to My Explore, all users agree to give Explore Australia free and non-exclusive worldwide rights to use any content uploaded by the user to this site. This includes the right for Explore Australia to amend, reproduce or adapt the content at its discretion, and to use the content without an acknowledgment being given to the user (Explore Australia will try to acknowledge users where appropriate – nicknames will be used unless permission is sought and granted for the user’s real name to be published).

By adding any post to the Forum, users agree that all content is original and does not breach any copyright laws. Users also agree to indemnify Explore Australia against any claim, damage or liability that results from a post added to the Forum.

Please see our Privacy Policy for full details of privacy on our website. Please note that your email address will be used by Explore Australia to send you emails in relation to the Forum.

Forum guidelines
When posting new threads or posts, users should ensure that their comments are related to the relevant topic. It is also important to check first whether a thread already exists on the same topic. Discussions related to troubleshooting with the site should be posted under ‘Support’.

Explore Australia respects users’ right to express their opinion (within reason – see prohibited content below) and expects that this right will be understood between users. Any content that is clearly in breach of this right will be deleted or denied approval.

Prohibited content
The following content posted on the Forum is unacceptable and will be deleted or denied approval:

-         Content that breaches any Australian law, including intellectual property rights;

-         Content that contains coarse language;

-         Content that is inflammatory, aggressive or abusive;

-         Content defames any person;

-         Content that promotes any product, service or business;

-         Content contains personal information (contrary to our Privacy Policy);

-         Spam (repeated threads or posts on the same topic);

-         Content that clearly intends to be factually incorrect to confuse other users;

-         Content that bears no relevance to Explore Australia’s website and travel in Australia.

Removal of content from this site and banning users
Explore Australia reserves the right to delete or deny approval to any content uploaded by a My Explore user. In some instances, an email will be sent to a user who breaches these guidelines, warning them of ban in the event of another breach. In the event that a user repeatedly or seriously breaches any of these guidelines, Explore Australia reserves the right to ban a user from the site without any notice being given to the user.

Reporting a breach
Please report any post that you see as breaching these guides by emailing us at Explore Australia will attempt to follow up all reports.

Explore Australia cannot guarantee that information posted on the Forum is factually correct, and will not accept responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred in relation to any content on this site. It is vital to research any proposed trip thoroughly and seek the advice of relevant state and travel organisations before you travel.