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Your rights Explore Australia grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited right to access and use www.exploreaustralia.net.au (the “Website”) and the materials provided hereon, provided that you comply fully with these Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”). The contents of the website is only for your personal, non-commercial use. You agree not to interrupt, or attempt to interrupt, the operation of the Website in any way.

Termination Explore Australia may cancel or terminate this Agreement at any time. Explore Australia also reserves the right to restrict, suspend or terminate your access to the website in whole or in part, without notice, with respect to any breach or threatened breach by you of any portion of this Agreement. If Explore Australia terminates this Agreement based on a breach of any portion of this Agreement, Explore Australia reserves the right to refuse to provide a subscription or any fee-based services to you in the future.

If we find that you are not using the service properly we reserve the right to terminate your use of the service immediately and, if necessary, take legal action against you.

Privacy It's Explore Australia’s policy to maintain your privacy when you visit our site. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. If you send us any personal details, we will keep them confidential. When you send us an email, we may use your email address to contact you in future. We may contact you for clarification or to answer your query, but we will not sell or pass on your details to third parties, except where they act as agents for us and the information is required to deliver the goods or services you have requested from us.

'No commercial use' policy Our maps and information may not be used in advertising or for any other commercial purpose. Explore Australia will take all steps open to it to prevent commercial use of its materials, its name, and the name of Explore Australia or its other publications. Please report any apparent violation to the Web Coordinator, Explore Australia, Ground Floor, Building 1, 658 Church St, Richmond, VICTORIA 3121; phone (03) 8520 6444.

Credit card security Explore Australia, owners and administrators of the exploreaustraia.net.au website, always protects your online payments with the Secure Sockets Layering (SSL) 128-bit encryption, the accepted standard of the Internet community. We also use SSL to encrypt all of your personal information that is submitted with your payment or registration and is transmitted over the Internet. The technology is designed to protect your information by rendering it useless, should it ever be intercepted in transit. Exploreaustralia.net.au accepts online credit card payments which are processed in Australian dollars immediately through the NAB online payment gateway. However you do not have to bank with NAB to make a payment with your credit card. The exploreaustralia.net.au website does not store credit card information on their website server. As such, you must re-enter credit card information with each payment.

Refund policy Members acknowledge that exploreaustralia.net.au does not offer full or partial refund with respect to the Explore Australia Club membership payments. Each member further acknowledges that once the membership period commences, membership cannot be suspended for any reason whatsoever until the last day of the membership period or until the membership is terminated either at your request or by virtue of non-payment.

Membership to the Explore Australia Club is delivered electronically and not restricted to only Australian residents, please note however that the membership fee quoted throughout the website in Australian dollars.

Delivery policy Exploreaustralia.net.au is published electronically. The publication is available online and part of the content is accessible by members using their personal username and password to login to the membership page on the website. Upon purchase of Explore Australia Club membership users will receive immediate correspondence to the email address provided, detailing website access information. They will have immediate access to the websites' enhanced content and functions. Orders placed for books purchased through the websites' bookshop are dispatched within 24 hours. Delivery is via post and will be delivered to the address supplied with the order information.

Member communication Members may from time to time be sent email updates, reminders and information. We will email members regarding status of their membership, relevant offers and material. All communication includes the option to unsubscribe at any time. We value the relationship we have with our members and do not spam.

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Special note for Webmasters If you are interested in making a link from your site to Explore Australia, please email our Web Coordinator for further instructions.

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Explore Australia will take all steps open to it to prevent links to its website which fall outside these requirements.

Corrections to the site Explore Australia has the right to correct any errors or omissions, and change any portion of the site without notice. If you find an error, please report it to our Web Coordinator.

Terms of use relating to user comments The following terms relate to comments by website users which are submitted to the Explore Australia website. Explore Australia recommends that parents/teachers always supervise children's access to material on the Internet.

Please consider others when making contributions to our site.

You are solely responsible for the content of any contributions (textural or pictorial) you make to the website. All such contributions are public, unless otherwise indicated. You must not include content which may:

  • Be for commercial purposes
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  • Be false or misleading, including the impersonation of other people
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  • Infringe or violate the intellectual property rights, contract rights, or any other rights of any third party
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  • Contain software viruses or any other malicious code

You acknowledge and agree that, unless otherwise indicated, any communications made to or by means of any portion of the website are public.

You acknowledge that you have no expectation of privacy in any public communication you make to the site

You grant to Explore Australia a perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, unrestricted, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use, copy, license, distribute, display, reproduce, transmit, modify, edit and otherwise exploit any public communication you make with the site in all media now known or later developed.

You indemnify Explore Australia for all loss it suffers as a result of any contribution you make to the site including any loss Explore Australia suffers as a result of making the content of your transmission available to third parties.

Explore Australia may, in its absolute discretion and without notification, edit or remove any material from the site at any time including material you have transmitted to the site. Explore Australia is under no obligation to make any material transmitted to the site available to any person. Explore Australia has no liability for any consequences of its reliance on its rights under this paragraph.

To the extent permissible by the laws of Australia, Explore Australia disclaims all liability in relation to your use of the site.

Complaints about user comments

Email: info@exploreaustralia.net.au Phone: (03) 8520 6444

Explore Australia makes every effort to review & vet contributors' comments however it takes no responsibility for, nor endorses or necessarily agrees with, the contributions of members of the public. If you believe use comments are inappropriate or unsuitable, please email us at info@exploreaustralia.net.au with the following details:

1. where the material is located on the site;

2. why you consider the material to be inappropriate; and

3. your name and contact details.

Explore Australia takes all complaints it receives seriously. On receipt of any complaint we will review the relevant material and remove it if appropriate. While we aim to act on any complaint within one business day of receipt, we cannot guarantee that we will read your complaint (or act on it) within any specific time period.

We will not act on any complaint which is vexatious, or which appears to be so. If you do not include your name and contact details in the complaint we may treat the complaint as vexatious.

Explore Australia contribution

From time to time, Explore Australia staff may respond to queries or comments. Such participation is not approval, agreement or endorsement of the views of the poster, nor is it indicative of systematic review of that or any other forum by Explore Australia.

Removal of material We may remove any material from the site at any time without cause and without notice to any person. The removal of material is not an admission that the material is inappropriate nor is it an admission of liability by Explore Australia.

As a guide, where Explore Australia has received a complaint about material, it will ordinarily remove that material if it:

1. is for a commercial purpose. 2. is indecent or abusive. 3. is false or misleading. 4. is slanderous, libellous or defamatory. 5. is likely to cause injury of any kind. 6. violates any rights of any person. 7. violates any applicable laws, rules, or regulations. 8. contains software viruses or any other malicious code. 9. is in its opinion of a vexatious nature.

Complaints Please direct any complaints in the first instance to:

Explore Australia Email: info@exploreaustralia.net.au Phone: +61 3 8520 6444

Explore Australia does not belong to any independent dispute resolution programs. If you feel your complaint has not been handled adequately by us you should refer to your home state or territory department of consumer affairs or fair trading.

Changes to these terms and conditions Explore Australia may modify these terms and conditions at any time without providing notice to you. Your continued use of the website after such a modification constitutes your acceptance of that modification. For this reason we provide a link to the terms and conditions at the bottom of every page — you should check them each time you visit, because you are bound by them if you use the site