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While it may not possess the time-honoured culinary cachet of international heavyweights like France or Italy, Australia offers the traveller a surprising range of dining experiences. An abundance of locally grown produce allows chefs to be innovative without breaking the bank, while the country’s multicultural population is reflected in an endless array of ethnic cuisine. World-class wine-making and brewing traditions mean you’ll never go thirsty, either.

If the smash-hit success of TV cooking show MasterChef is any indication, we’re a nation of foodies, and everyone is welcome at the table – whether they’re enjoying cheap’n’cheerful Asian noodles, or savouring ultra-fresh seafood by the ocean…


Forget boring bitters: Australia’s beers are worth travelling for.

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Wine Regions

If you're serious about shiraz (or any other type of wine), don't wait any longer to taste test the bounty of these thriving wine regions.

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Restaurants & cafes

Every kind of eatery to tantalise travelling taste buds.

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Eco-friendly places to eat

Organic and local produce, sustainable wineries, bush tucker and more.

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