Jenolan Caves

This is a world right out of a fairytale, a place where giants or fairy princesses might reside. Explore magical caverns with pink and orange formations glowing under invisible lights, eerie tunnels leading into the depths of the earth, and hidden rivers. There is a new wonder around every corner – your children will be enchanted!

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Jenolan Caves Rd, Jenolan Karst Conservation Reserve; (02) 6359 3911 or 1300 76 33 11

Entry to most caves by guided tour only

Don't Miss

■ The nearby Needle Cave and Devil’s Coach House, which are free to enter. If your kids are afraid of the dark, or of enclosed spaces, the Devil’s Coach House has huge, open caverns.

■ The opportunity to spot platypus in Blue Lake. Start early and walk around the Blue Lake before your cave visit; you might see platypus playing with the ducks. Alternatively, stay overnight at Jenolan Caves House and look for platypus at dusk.

Fabulous Facts

Caves are produced in limestone areas because rainwater passing through soil picks up carbon dioxide from plant roots and acids from decaying vegetable matter, and the solution dissolves the limestone. The Jenolan Caves are some of the oldest and most magnificent limestone caves in the world. They were discovered by European settlers about 150 years ago, but they were known to the Indigenous Gundungurra people for many thousands of years. The Gundungurra believed the underground waters had healing powers.

Insider Tips

■ The approach road to the caves is winding and narrow; some sections are one-way. Check the website for driving instructions.

■ Try to arrive early to avoid the crowds. If the closest carpark is full, you will need to park higher up the mountain, which means a very steep walk down (and a steep walk up at the end).
■ Each cave tour takes one to two hours. See the website to select the cave/s to visit and find out tour timetables in advance. Check the difficulty level when choosing. Some caves involve climbing up and down hundreds of steps, but there are regular pauses during the tours so you do have time to catch your breath. The one-hour Imperial Cave tour is one of the easiest.
■ Your ticket to a guided tour entitles you to the loan of an audio recording (available in a children’s version) for a self-guided, self-paced tour of the Needle Cave and Devil’s Coach House.
■ Adventure-caving tours are available; minimum age is 10 years.
■ Starting from the upper level carpark, you can take a bushwalk along the Devil’s Coach House or Carlotta’s Arch track.

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