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Imagine hurtling in a train down an almost vertical cliff-face or soaring 270 metres above a ravine with only a glass floor beneath you. Scenic World will give you and your kids some of the most heartstopping moments of your lives, and these experiences are not artificial theme park rides but the real thing! The historic Scenic Railway is the steepest incline railway in the world. It transports you to a World Heritage site: a rainforest valley with ancient ravines and dazzling waterfalls. You can travel up again via the Scenic Cableway, and, if you want to view the valley from above, ride the Skyway with its Electro-Sceniglass floor.

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Cnr Violet St and Cliff Dr, Katoomba; (02) 4780 0200 or 1300 SKYWAY

Don't Miss

■ The boardwalk through the ancient rainforest in the valley. You can hire an audio guide and there are interpretive signs about plant species and coal mining next to the path.

■ Tasting the pure Blue Mountains water. Make sure you take a bottle of water on your walk, but when you find the Marrangaroo Spring, stop and taste it.

Fabulous Facts

Believe it or not, this World Heritage site was actually a coal mine in the late 19th and early 20th centuries! The Scenic Railway was originally built for hauling coal and miners up and down, but hikers in the area began to beg lifts on the train to rest their weary legs. At first, the hikers just sat on a plank inside the coal skip, but after a while mine operators built a 12-seater carriage to use on weekends and public holidays, charging sixpence a ride, and the tourist industry was born.

Insider Tips

■ For the most exciting trip on the Scenic Railway, try to get a seat in the front car!

■ Don’t be put off by rain. Just bring your wet-weather gear and enjoy the scents and colours, the trickle of running water from hidden waterfalls and the sounds of the birds enjoying the rain. There are storm shelters along the path.
■ There are toilets and food outlets at Scenic World, but no toilets in the valley.
■ Weather conditions in the valley can be different from the weather above. Be prepared with wet-weather gear and sunhats!

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