Mountain-biking in the Blue Mountains

There is a resurgence of interest in mountain-biking in the Blue Mountains, and some superb fire trails to explore. The most popular route is The Oaks Fire Trail, heading downhill from Woodford. It is a superb half- to full-day ride that can finish among the kangaroos and picnickers at Euroka Clearing, or at Glenbrook station, to catch the train back to the start. Other popular routes include Murphys and Andersons fire trails, south of Wentworth Falls, although these are technically a little harder, and the thrilling Narrow Neck Plateau near Katoomba.

Various operators offer guided mountainbiking tours, including some multi-day adventures for the really keen. Check out River Deep, Mountain High, which is a Blue Mountains Sustainable Business. High N Wild Adventures also has guided mountain-bike tours and rents mountain bikes if you want to head out on your own. Bike Minded at Wentworth Falls hires bikes, offers tips about where to go, and runs regular rides, including a mid-week off-road ride at night.

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High N Wild Adventures: (02) 4782 6224

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