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Take your kids on a scientific adventure! On entering OptusLab their eyes will pop open when they  see the equipment at their disposal: test tubes filled with coloured liquids, and droppers, microscopes  and slides. The liquids in the tubes are only simple substances found in your own kitchen, but this  activity, like all the others at CSIRO Discovery, aims to promote the excitement of experimentation  and teach a few scientific principals.

Contact details

Black Mountain Laboratories, Clunies Ross St, Acton; (02) 6246 4646


Open 9am–5pm Mon–Fri, 11am–3pm Sun

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Don't Miss

■ The two floors of working laboratories with big viewing windows; watch real CSIRO scientists at work.

■ The fun and informative 3D movies. Continuously screening through the day, they cover topics such as polymer glues, omega-3 fish oil and sense of smell.
■ The Little Live Animals exhibit. See and touch turtles, stick insects, tropical fish, yabbies and mice.
■ The interactive CD-ROM games area. Build your own bay or manage a rainforest.

Fabulous Facts

CSIRO stands for Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation. The scientists here  work on a huge diversity of projects, making discoveries and solving problems for industry, society  and the environment. CSIRO scientists have discovered endangered handfish that use their fins for  ‘walking’ instead of swimming, worked on technologies for saving lives during bushfires, and even  produced cookbooks for healthy eating.

Insider Tips

■ Check the website for science experiments you can do at home.

■ There is a cafe on site, but it is closed on Sundays.

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