Australian War Memorial

Your kids will have fun dressing up in army uniforms, playing with the controls on an Iroquois  helicopter and trying out a toilet seat in a submarine, but they will also start to understand the harsher realities of war. In the recreated World War I trench, a special-effects video covers their feet in virtual  frostbite and the G for George exhibit immerses them in a night-time flying operation from 1943,  complete with searchlights and the terrifying roar of approaching German fighters.

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Treloar Cres, Campbell; (02) 6243 4211

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Don't Miss

■ The Discovery Zone, where kids can dress up in uniforms and try out the activities described  above.

■ The ceremonial commemoration to the fallen, every day at 5pm. This moving ceremony consists of a dirge played on bagpipes or the Last Post played on a bugle.
■ Anzac Hall, to experience four immersive audiovisuals, including G for George and a midget Japanese submarine.

Fabulous Facts

Many people do not realise that Sydney came under attack during World War II. On the night of 31  May 1942, three midget Japanese submarines slipped into Sydney Harbour. One submarine was  caught in an anti-torpedo net, the two crew members destroying themselves and their vessel with  demolition charges. Another fired a torpedo under HMAS Kuttabul, killing 21 sailors before escaping. The third was spotted and sunk by the Royal Australian Navy.

Insider Tips

■ Allow at least two hours for your visit.

■ Exhibits are less crowded on weekends or during school holidays.
■ Before your visit, find any information you can about relatives or friends who represented Australia  in wars so your family can research them when you come. A volunteer will help you look up the  research centre records.
■ There are two cafes on site.

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