Parlour Wine Room

This is the spot for a very cool night out, complete with plush couches, low lighting and Toulouse-Lautrec prints. This place makes you feel Canberra finally has something going on to match Sydney or Melbourne. Rather than bar snacks or a grazing menu, this is serious tapas dining, and it’s most certainly a place for dinner, albeit served on a coffee table while you relax on a couch. You’ll find wobbly cubes of pork belly, lamb cutlets with paprika, fried chillies, crispy fried chickpeas and spiced almonds. Ice-creams are made in-house, or try a plate of house-made chocolate shards. All this while you work your way through a phenomenal wine list.

Contact information

16 Kendall La, Newacton Pavilion; (02) 6162 3656; open Tues–Sun for lunch and dinner; restricted after-hours menu available till late

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