TreeTop Adventure Park

Kids always enjoy tree houses and tree climbing, but imagine having the freedom to swing and scramble from treetop to treetop like a monkey! This adventure park in the beautiful Ourimbah State Forest has giant rope spiderwebs, flying foxes, Tarzan ropes, tunnels, tightropes and swinging bridges, all suspended in the trees. There are sure to be ripples of nerves and excitement as the kids (and you!) don your safety helmets. Following a safety induction course you’ll be off, scrambling up into the trees. There are different levels of difficulty depending on age, confidence and ability, but everyone is attached to cables, so children as young as 3 years of age can join in.

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Contact details

1 Red Hill Rd, Wyong Creek; (02) 4025 1008

Open daily, entries after 2pm must be booked in advance

Don't Miss

■ The trees! Make sure, while you are having fun climbing and flying around, you take time to admire the forest around you.

■ The terrific mountain bike track in Ourimbah State Forest – bring your own bikes.

Fabulous Facts

You are probably puzzled that someone has been allowed to build an adventure park in the middle of a state forest, but TreeTop Adventure Park was built under partnership with Forests NSW. The structures are specially designed not to harm the trees. The platforms were built without drilling into the trunks or branches, and all the structures allow room for the trees to grow without restrictions.

Insider Tips

■ Children aged from 3 to 10 years are attached to a continuous belay safety system which they don’t disconnect throughout the climb.

■ Children aged from 10 to 15 years (and at least 1.4 metres tall) can participate in more difficult courses which are higher off the ground, but they must be accompanied by an adult (not just
watching them from below). One adult may accompany up to four children. These courses involve use of two carabineers (metal clips used by cavers and rock climbers) which can be released. You will
practise disconnecting them on your safety induction course first.
■ Allow a minimum of one-and-a-half hours for the easier course and two hours for the more advanced version.
■ The park operates in wet weather but closes if there is lightning or strong winds.
■ It is worth booking to avoid disappointment, but you might have to phone a few times before someone answers.
■ You’ll need comfortable clothes, with your waist covered, and closed shoes. Body-piercings will need to be removed or taped over, and if you have long hair, you’ll need to bring something for
tying it back.
■ This attraction is next door to Amazement.

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