Tuggerah Lake

This large, shallow coastal lagoon is the place for an old-fashioned family holiday by the water. Picture the whole family riding along the water’s edge on bikes, tossing in lines to catch fish, wandering down the long, wooden jetty licking ice-creams, or putt-putting around in a hire-boat. On the lake shore in Memorial Park, you can relax with a picnic, fly a kite, kick a ball or ride the historic carousel; best of all, at 3.30pm daily you can see wild pelicans fly in for a free feed on the ocean side of the park. During school holidays and weekends, there’s a carnival atmosphere in Memorial Park with rides, face painting and shows.

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■ The toddler play area in Vera’s Water Garden, Memorial Park – the littlies love the coloured fountains and paddling ponds.

■ Playing a game of chess with a giant outdoor chess board in Memorial Park.
■ The craft markets – on Sundays.

Fabulous Facts

Australian pelicans have the biggest beaks of any bird in the world. They use these pouched beaks like nets to trap fish, then swallow the fish whole. Pelican feeding at The Entrance began as an accident when staff from a fish and chip shop threw scraps outside. It has become not just a tourist attraction, but a way of keeping an eye on the pelicans to see if they have any problems, such as fishing hooks or lines tangled in their gullets or wings.

Insider Tips

■ Boats can be hired from the Long Jetty Catamaran and Boat Hire company; www.longjettyboathire.com. Take your pick of a two-person catamaran (ideal sailing boat for novices), aluminium runabout (a little fishing boat with an outboard motor), single, double or triple kayak, or four-seater pedal boat (for a good leg workout!). Life jackets are provided in all sizes from toddler up.

■ Bikes can be hired from Tour De Long Jetty Cycle Hire; 0411 258 899. They have a range of classic 50s-style upright bikes, geared bikes, kids’ bikes, and adult bikes with baby seats.
■ Make sure you get a fishing licence before you fish.

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