Star-gazing - Coonabarabran

Because of its combination of clear skies, altitude and distance from city lights, Coonabarabran is the astronomy capital of Australia. There are various ways to explore space here, from simply gazing skyward with a pair of binoculars while you camp, to touring the advanced facilities and technology at Siding Spring Observatory, the largest optical telescope in Australia. June and July are the best months for stargazing, but nights will be cold. Siding Spring Observatory does not offer any night activities, but there is an exhibition with information and activities about the pioneering work undertaken here and you can see the massive 3.9-metre telescope of the Anglo Australian Observatory.

The Warrumbungles Observatory offers day-viewing of sunspots, planets and some stars (yes, if the telescope is powerful enough you can still see stars during the day), as well as night shows where you will explore galaxies, nebulae and other worlds.

Contact Info

Warrumbungles Observatory: 0488 425 112

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