Dolphin Marine Magic

The Marine Magic Presentations are fun – seals riding skateboards and dolphins playing rugby – but the really unique moments are the close encounters on offer. Imagine your kids’ faces when they feel a sloppy kiss from a seal or dolphin. For a magical experience, pay an extra fee and they can join the seals or dolphins in the water for a chance to cuddle and feed these friendly creatures and maybe even have a ride! If your kids weren’t in love with dolphins before they arrived, they will be by the time they leave.

Price range


Contact details

65 Orlando St, Coffs Harbour; (02) 6659 1900

Don't Miss

■ Being kissed by a seal or dolphin. Arrive 30 minutes early for the Marine Magic Presentation and you’ll get your chance, then hang around after the show and you might get to pat the stars or play ball with them.

■ The opportunity to swim with seals or dolphins – so book ahead!

Fabulous Facts

Dolphins are cetaceans, a special type of mammal. Like other mammals, they are warm-blooded, give birth to live young, provide milk for their nourishment, and breathe air. However, unlike land mammals, cetaceans spend their lives in water. All the dolphins at Pet Porpoise Pool were either found injured or were born there. When injured dolphins are brought to pool, staff try to heal them and return them to the wild unless they are unable to be fully rehabilitated.

Insider Tips

■ There are at least two Marine Magic Presentations a day; the morning show is usually less crowded.

■ Children must be 8 years old or over to swim with the seals. Sessions are limited to three people.
■ To swim with dolphins, you can choose either Junior Encounter (for kids only, 6–11 years of age, must be under 160cm tall, limited to groups of four), or Family Encounter (two adults and two children aged 6–15 years).
■ You are not allowed in the seal or dolphin pools if you have any open cuts or infections, and if you have beads in your hair you will need to bring a swimming cap to cover your hair.
■ Apart from dolphins and seals, this venue has little penguins, which you can feed, kangaroos, emus, cockatoos and a reef tank with fish, turtles and Port Jackson sharks.
■ There are picnic areas if you want to bring your own food, or you can eat at the Creekside Cafe.

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