Dorrigo National Park

The walkways at Dorrigo National Park provide a unique and breathtaking experience of a World Heritage area. Start by taking the Wonga Track from The Glade Picnic Area. Under tall, lush trees you’ll venture into the heart of the rainforest where your kids can slip behind a waterfall into a rock cavern and look out through a veil of cascading water. Back at the picnic area, take the raised boardwalk which winds up into the trees, and you’ll find yourselves perched among the flowers and seedpods and nesting birds. Lastly, for the highest view of all, go to the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre and take the Skywalk, a stunning boardwalk which soars 70 metres above the rainforest floor.

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Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, Dome Rd, Dorrigo; (02) 6657 2309

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■ Dorrigo Rainforest Centre – start your visit here. The interactive display reveals how the rainforest evolved and you can find out about some of the animals you might spot. Make sure you pick up other advice, such as safety warnings and walking maps. There’s a cafe and toilet here too.

Fabulous Facts

Many millions of years ago, Australia was part of a larger continent called Gondwana which was down in the Antarctic Circle. When Australia broke away, and moved to a warmer part of the globe, the cool-adapted Gondwanan rainforests were reduced to a narrow strip along south-eastern Australia. In Dorrigo National Park there are still primitive plant families that have direct links with the birth and spread of flowering plants over 100 million years ago.

Insider Tips

■ Before you visit, read a book on dinosaurs with your children. When you wander together through Dorrigo’s ancient, primeval setting, you’ll be able to imagine dinosaurs just out of sight behind the dense rainforest foliage.

■ The Glade Picnic Area is 1 kilometre by road from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre. It has a large shelter and electric barbecues.
■ The walk on Wonga Track to the waterfall, Crystal Shower Falls, is 3.5 kilometres if you head back once you reach the waterfall, but longer if you keep going.
■ The boardwalks are short and easy, but if you plan to walk for any distance into the rainforest, make sure you have essentials such as food, water and suitable clothes for bushwalking. Stick to the
marked tracks and walkways, and let someone know your plans before you set out.
■ Be wary of stinging trees with their large, bright green leaves.
■ In damp weather you might pick up a few leeches. Ask the staff at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre how to deal with these.
■ If you want to bring a picnic, The Glade has a large shelter and electric barbecues.

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