Sea Acres Rainforest Centre

Imagine being able to walk along a boardwalk that leads up into a rainforest canopy, past tree ferns towering 7 metres high, and huge trees draped in flowering vines, with your kids shouting excitedly ‘There’s another one! There’s another one!’ as they spot the koalas (or the stag and elkhorn ferns) perched in the forks of the branches. The 1.3-kilometre loop passes through Sea Acres Nature Reserve, an important corridor for the Port Macquarie koala colony.

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Contact details

Pacific Dr, Port Macquarie; (02) 6582 3355

Don't Miss

■ Specialised Aboriginal bush tucker tours, offered on the third Saturday of each month; bookings essential.

■ Shelley Beach, which is adjacent to the reserve. Keep a lookout for huge goannas.

Fabulous Facts

The Aboriginal Birpai people are no longer permitted to gather food in this area because it is now a reserve, but in the past this was an abundant source of food. Here, where the forest meets the sea, the Birpai hunted brush turkeys, possums and flying foxes; they used stones to create rockpool traps where they speared fish, ate the red berries of the walking stick palm, sweetened their meals with honey from the native bee hives, and used the native ginger to flavour their food.

Insider Tips

■ The boardwalk is accessed from the Sea Acres Rainforest Centre and there is a fee to use it; the loop takes about 30 minutes to complete. Guided rainforest tours are included in the entry fee to the boardwalk, or you can take the walk on your own and read the entertaining and informative signs along the walk.

■ At the visitor centre you can also buy tickets for the electronic Rainforest Exhibition and watch a film in the theatre.
■ There’s the Sea Acres Rainforest Cafe in the centre .

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