When your kids enter Timbertown, they will step into a bygone era when the streets resonated with the sounds of harnesses clinking, whips cracking and horses whinnying, and the air was filled with the smell of sawn wood. In this re-created village they’ll find stables, wood-craftsmen and blacksmiths at  work, a lolly shop and a working steam sawmill.

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2325 Oxley Hwy, Wauchope; (02) 6586 1940



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■ The bullock demonstrations where you can see how the bullockies harnessed and controlled the  teams of massive beasts as they manoeuvred the long, unwieldy drays loaded with logs.

■ The miniature train ride through a farmyard.
■ Joining in an olden-days class in the 1880s schoolhouse – you can have a go at writing with a slate  or dip pen.

Fabulous Facts

Before European settlers arrived in this area and cut down the trees for timber, the land was covered  in forest. This forest supplied most of the things the local Aboriginal people needed. They hunted  animals that lived in the forest for food. They made canoes by gathering up the ends of sheets of bark,  and stood up to propel themselves along with poles. They made huts from branches arched over to form a dome. A cradle for a new baby was made by hollowing out a branch and lining it with soft layers of tea tree bark.

Insider Tips

■ Timbertown is set amongst 87 acres of natural blackbutt forest. You can take a forest tour on a  wagon drawn by Clydesdale horses.

■ There is a kids’ playground with cubby houses, including a cubby in a sawn-off tree trunk.
■ When you want a break from historic sights, there are farm animals to visit and pat.
■ A large number of retailers sell artwork, jewellery and crafts in the Timbertown grounds.
■ At the time of writing this entry, Timbertown has been taken over by new management and there may be changes.

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