Harry Nanya Tours - Mungo National Park

During the last ice age freshwater lakes were strung along Willandra Creek in what is now Mungo National Park, but there has been no water for over 15 000 years. Today the ancient, dusty lake beds, and plains and dunes provide a time capsule of the era when Aboriginal people hunted, fished and foraged around the lakes. For more than 15 years, Graham Clarke has been showing people the secrets of his ancestors’ country, running award-winning tours of Mungo National Park and revealing the remnants of life 60 000 years ago. Operating nearly every day, the tours pick up people in Mildura, Wentworth or Mungo, and involve much interpretation and explanation of the area on the drive to the national park. The highlight is the 2-kilometre walk along the bizarre, wind-and-weather sculpted form of the Walls of China, examining stone tools, bones of ancient megafauna, and the remains of campfires and campsites.

(03) 5027 2076; www.harrynanyatours.com.au

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