Silverton ghost town

Your kids will be thrilled when you tell them you are all going to visit a ghost town. This quintessential outback town – a pub and a few dusty brown historic buildings surrounded by desert – will not disappoint. Some of the disused buildings have been turned into museums so you can see what life was like when Silverton was a thriving mining town. Visit the old gaol and lock-up, then step inside the stone-built school and let your kids imagine being students here in the 1880s.

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Silverton Visitor Information Centre

2 Layard St, Silverton; (08) 8088 7566

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■ The quintessential outback view – continue just 4 kilometres beyond Silverton to a lookout point that offers an uninterrupted view made famous by fi lms such as Mad Max II (1981) and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1993).

Fabulous Facts

With the success of silver mining at Silverton (Silver Town), prospectors searched further afield, opening bigger and better mines in the area. A syndicate of seven started up The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited (later BHP Billiton), which would become Australia’s biggest company, earning billions of dollars. As people abandoned Silverton to chase the bigger mines at Broken Hill, they actually took the buildings with them, transporting them with teams of donkeys, camels and bullocks.

Insider Tips

■ If you think Silverton looks familiar, it probably is, as it has featured in various films, television shows and countless commercials (particularly for cars). The pub has a display of movie memorabilia.

■ For a special way to experience the area, take a camel safari with Silverton Camel Farm and imagine you are early pioneers exploring the outback; (08) 8088 5316. Rides, suitable for all ages, range from 15 minutes up to 3-day treks.

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