Nimbo Fork Lodge

Nestled in the foothills of the picturesque Snowy Mountains, this is a fly-fishing property with every conceivable luxury available. Owner Chris Fehon embarked on quite a journey when he decided to ‘build a cabin’ after he fell in love with the wild Tumut landscape. One thing led to another and Nimbo Fork Lodge was born: a luxurious fly-fishing property where full attention is given to every detail. Guests are spoilt here with every amenity available (they have their own supply shop), plus a fine-dining restaurant (all meals included in your tariff) and a cellar so well stocked that any big-city, fine-dining establishment would covet its contents. And in addition to all this, there are on-site spa services available. Currently the lodge is only accepting group (minimum of six people) and corporate bookings.

Contact information

330 Nimbo Rd; (02) 6944 9099

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