Lake Jindabyne

Lake Jindabyne, Steve Cooper

Lake Jindabyne sits on the eastern edge of Kosciuszko National Park and rates as one of southern Australia’s best trout waters. The lake is stocked with rainbow and brown trout, and Atlantic salmon. Some of the fish are in the trophy class. The trout average about 1 kg but fish to 5 kg are caught every year.

Several rivers flow in or out of the lake, including the Snowy, Thredbo and Eucumbene. There is a public boat ramp near the Snowline Caravan Park and, as with many lakes, the most consistent good catches have come from anglers trolling. During summer, downrigger trolling is common,  but late in the day and at night the fish move inshore so that bait-,  fly- and lure-fishers have good opportunities.

In autumn and winter, the trout move into the rivers to spawn upstream. Anglers will do well at this time if they walk along the shoreline with polarising sunglasses. Bait fishing is allowed in the lake, but not in the rivers.

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