Khancoban Pondage, Steve Cooper

Many trout fishers, particularly those adept with the fly, regard Khancoban as home base for trout fishing. The biggest water in the area is Khancoban Pondage, fed by the Swampy Plain River and Khancoban Creek. The pondage is stocked with rainbow and brown trout and has a large redfin population, with fish to 2 kg.

Redfin numbers have exploded in the pondage and most anglers aren’t happy because the redfin eat the small, fingerling trout as they are liberated. To get around this, NSW Fisheries is releasing trout upstream in the feeder creeks, where hopefully they will survive until they are big enough to turn the tables and eat the redfin.

Being part of the Snowy Mountains Hydro Electric Scheme, the pondage has fluctuating water levels. During one particularly dry summer, water flows into the Swampy Plain River Anabranch were so diminished that the anabranch dried up and everything in it died.

The main restrictions for anglers here are in the streams that flow through private property. All methods – bait, lure and fly – are employed, but anglers who troll lures seem to achieve more consistent success.

Nearby Fishing Spots

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