Booderee Botanic Gardens - Booderee National Park

The Booderee Botanic Gardens cover 80 hectares in Booderee National Park, which was returned to the Wreck Bay Aboriginal Community in 1995. The word Booderee, which the community selected for the park’s name, means ‘bay of plenty’ or ‘plenty of fish’. There are interpretive displays and self-guided walks to help understand the rich diversity of bush foods and bush medicines in the coastal environment. During the school holidays, there are also Koori-guided tours of the gardens. The national park itself has great camping, snorkelling, fishing and walking options available, as well as plenty of significant Aboriginal sites, such as shell middens, rock shelters, burial sites and axesharpening grooves.

Booderee Visitor Centre, Village Rd, Jervis Bay, (02) 4443 0977.

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