Coomee Nulunga Cultural Tours

Your kids will be fascinated as an Aboriginal guide leads you through the bush and shares the  knowledge of the Murramarang people. He will tell local Dreamtime stories and explain how some of  the surrounding plants can be eaten or used for medicine. When you arrive on the beach, the past will  come to life as you see a huge shell midden, and realise this was created over thousands of years by  people living and eating here and tossing their scraps onto the same pile. Your guide will show you  hunting tools, including boomerangs and authentic ancient axe heads and spear points.

Contact details

Ulladulla; (02) 4455 5883

Tours by request (minimum of four people)

Price range


Don't Miss

■ The gallery you are given the chance to visit on the tour. It’s an opportunity to see local arts and  crafts, and the small museum has indigenous artefacts from around the world.

Fabulous Facts

The first Aboriginal people sighted by Captain James Cook on his famous voyage to Australia in 1770 were the Murramarang people. In the 1820s, Europeans came to settle in the area and gradually destroyed many traditional sacred sites and food sources. However, Aboriginal cultural practices survived, and still continue today.

Insider Tips

■ The tour takes up to two hours.

■ Explore more Aboriginal cultural and historic areas on your own by visiting the Murramarang Aboriginal Area.

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