Lake Wonboyn

Docked at Lake Wonboyn, Steve Cooper

Lake Wonboyn is one of my all-time favourite spots. Located about halfway between Eden and the border with Victoria, this large estuary system suits serious anglers and families.

Some visitors to this estuary stay in the small township of Wonboyn, on the southern side. Others prefer the north side, staying at the Lake Wonboyn Resort. Either way you can fish the estuary or the surf.

Lake Wonboyn Resort is a selection of holiday cabins situated in the lee of the estuary where the Wonboyn River takes a sharp turn to the north. Features include boat- launching and mooring facilities, boat hire, a shop and part-time restaurant. The resort is located in a bush setting so there is plenty of wildlife around.

The inlet has a reputation for big dusky flathead, bream, tailor, whiting, estuary perch and the occasional mulloway. Among those who prefer the north side and stay at the Wonboyn Resort on Green Cape, there is generally a healthy contingent of rock-fishers. It’s just 10 mins away from some of Australia’s best-known rock-fishing platforms.

The surf-fishing can be excellent for salmon and tailor. One year an angler caught a 16 kg striped marlin off the beach while fishing for tailor!

In the estuary, oyster racks and reefs, which produce mainly bream, are a favourite for many visitors. The flats and channels are best for flathead, while further upstream, the snags can fish well for both perch and bream. One of my favourite methods is to walk the extensive shallow sandflats near the mouth. This area can be reached from shore on the Green Cape side, so you don’t need a boat.

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