Scharer's Little Brewery

Country publican Geoffrey Scharer was one of the first people in decades to apply for a new brewing licence in New South Wales in the early 1980s. By 1987, he was producing an unfiltered Bavarianstyle lager from a second-hand brewery, which he had imported from Europe; unusually, it has a combined kettle and mash/lauter vessel. Scharer employed a German brewer initially and a dark bock named Burragorang Bock was released; for several years the beers were only sold on tap at his Picton pub (the George IV Inn) and in 750 ml sparkling-wine bottles to takeaway. In early 2006, Scharer sold the pub and brewery, and retired. New owners David Wright and Luke Davies were featured in a documentary series Pub With One Beer, which followed their progress over the first six months or so. The bock has been renamed Scharer’s Bock.

Signature Beer

Scharer’s Lager

Contact Information

(George IV Inn) 180 Argyle Street, Picton 2571 Bar; restaurant

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