Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach, Hamilton Lund, Tourism New South Wales

On a hot summer’s day, this beach is about as iconic as it gets – a sweep of pale sand covered with a rainbow of towels and umbrellas, encircling the blue-and-white breaks of the bay.

Interestingly, Bondi Beach was privately owned until 1856, when the state government purchased it for the ‘pleasure of the people’. The suburb was a bohemian and immigrant enclave from the 1950s onwards, and even today with soaring real estate prices, it retains a diverse mix of professionals, artists, students and surfers.

The beach stretches 800 metres between a set of headlands, from the Icebergs sea baths in the south to a rockpool at the northern end. In the south is where you’ll find sizeable, if a little inconsistent, surf, while the more sheltered north is suitable for families. Bondi remains busy at night with its many restaurants.


Bodysurfing at Bondi

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