Snorkelling and diving in Sydney

A growing number of Sydneysiders and visitors are discovering the joys of snorkelling in and around the harbour city. There are marine reserves to explore and an ever-changing aquarium of sea creatures. Some of the larger fish that are easy to find include friendly blue groper and the unusual wobbegong sharks and Port Jackson sharks, but seahorses and weedy sea dragons are also surprisingly common in some locations. Great, safe spots to try snorkelling include the Long Reef Aquatic Reserve, along the swimming nets at Manly Cove and in the narrow Clovelly Bay. On a clear summer’s day, another great option is to make a day of the 10-kilometre Spit to Manly walk by carrying a mask and snorkel, and diving in for a swim or two at any of the sheltered coves along the way. Diving shops abound in Sydney, and all will offer advice and boat-based dives nearly every weekend. Easy shore dives include Gordons Bay, Clifton Gardens and the very popular Cabbage Tree Bay off Shelly Beach. Recommended dive shops include Deep 6 Diving.

Contact Info

Deep 6 Diving: 355 Clovelly Rd, Clovelly; (02) 9665 7427; and 1057 Victoria Rd, West Ryde; (02) 9858 4299

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