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Imagine standing in a dim, eerie space, smelling the scents of a jungle, hearing ominous growls, when a stampede of giant dinosaurs erupts and charges towards you! With its huge video screens, life-sized models and high-tech interactive displays, the Dinosaurs exhibition makes you feel as if you are really in the dinosaur world.

Kids can also have fun dressing up as dinosaurs or experience the thrill of unearthing and trying to identify a fossil. Nearby is the Search and Discover gallery where they can indulge their curiosity by peering into microscopes and touching specimens (some of them live!).

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6 College St, Sydney; (02) 9320 6000

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Don't Miss

■ The Indigenous Australians exhibition where kids can sit in a reconstructed cave and listen to recordings of Dreaming stories told by Indigenous Australians.
■ Kidspace – your under-5s will love the cubby houses, magnifying glasses for examining insects, animal X-rays on a light table and a human skeleton they can touch. There’s even an enclosed baby-friendly space for crawlers.
■ Special touch tables around the museum, where kids can touch and examine chosen pieces from the collections. There is generally a staff member on hand to answer any questions.

Fabulous Facts

The Australian Museum is Australia's oldest museum, founded in 1827. In the early days, its main aim was to collect and preserve specimens. Unfortunately, the first custodian, William Holmes, was accidentally shot and killed in 1831 while collecting birds for the museum. The 19th-century specimens are now extremely valuable for research because scientists can study how species might have changed over time. The collection has grown to millions of objects, too many to be displayed all at once, so many of them are kept in storage.

Insider Tips

■ Watch for temporary exhibits and activities specially aimed at children.
■ Kids are welcome to bring their questions, or even real specimens, to the experts in the Search and Discover gallery.

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