Universal Restaurant

Christine Manfield has done it again. Emerging after a seven-year hiatus, Universal is a testament to the famous Sydney chef’s world travels and her passion for creating exciting, eclectic dishes covering every inch of the globe. Rather than distinguishing a dish by its national origin, each is a sophisticated melting pot of international influences, beautifully presented on the plate. Your taste buds might savour the steamed gold band snapper with Iberian ham, green lentils and fennel, the tantalisingly spiced coconut swordfish or smoked duck breast infused with the flavours of jasmine tea. Universal’s vibrant dining room is a revelation in fine dining, and offers a cosy, contemporary haven from the bustling streets outside.

Contact information

Republic 2 Courtyard, Palmer St, Darlinghurst; (02) 9331 0709; open Fri for lunch and Mon–Sat for dinner.


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