Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building, Tourism New South Wales

It’s astonishing to realise now that the QVB was once in danger of becoming a multistorey carpark, but this was indeed the case. Built in 1898 to replace the old Sydney markets, it was later used for a number of purposes, at various times housing a concert hall and the city library before being restored in 1984 to its former splendour.

Now one of Sydney’s most cherished landmarks, it is considered by some to be the most beautiful shopping centre in the world, with three levels of stylish shops and cafes.

The QVB features elaborate stained-glass windows, intricate tiled floors, arches, pillars, balustrades and a mighty central dome. The building’s bestkept secret is the old ballroom on the third floor, now used as the supremely elegant Tea Room. 455 George St.

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