A cod caught at Boyanda, Steve Cooper

The red ochre cliff near the Boyanda grape farm is a popular launch site for anglers fishing the Murray River midway between Robinvale and the small horticultural town of Wemen. A track follows the river from Happy Valley Shop at the southern end of Robinvale. Go to the end of this road, turn left at the crossroads, and then right to Boyanda, following a dirt track along the river to the boat ramp. The track runs all the way to Wemen along the Victorian side of the river and there are plenty of places to camp.

The boat ramp is a rugged dry- weather 4WD launch site only on a rough clay incline. Situated downstream of the cliffs, it is a stark reminder that city folk have pleasures that the bushy never knows.

With plenty of rock bars both up- and downstream from the ramp, this is a surprisingly peaceful stretch of water devoid of high-speed powerboats. Upstream where the river bends, skirting the towering red cliffs, the water starts to show promise for large Murray cod as it takes on more depth. The bank is littered with large red rocks and similar rocks would also be strewn along the bottom of the river, providing perfect hiding places for a cod or two.

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