Quite a catch made at Euston, Steve Cooper

Euston began as Boomiarcool Station in 1847, growing into a small township and subsequently a busy inland port, from which a fleet of paddlesteamers and barges transported the consignments of wool and wheat along the Murray to various NSW, Victorian and SA townships. These days the region is better known for its vineyards, market gardens, orchards and big Murray cod.

One of the vagaries of the Murray River is that small stretches of river produce consistently better results than other areas. It is about 4 km from Robinvale Bridge to Lock 15, and Euston sits about halfway along on this stretch of river, on the NSW side. The water is predominantly deep with rock bars and old snags providing cover for a good number of large Murray cod.

A large concrete ramp is situated behind the Euston club. The club itself has accommodation set on the banks of the river providing easy access to both the boat ramp and a selection of bank fishing.

Upstream of the club a caravan park also provides accommodation with river views and ample access to bank fishing.

As it is contained behind a lock, the river at Euston is virtually free of current, so ideal for those using electric motors.

If you are lure fishing, a selection of deep divers will be essential. The large dead river gums still standing along some sections of the river are prime locations to fish with bait or small hard-bodied lures for large yellowbelly. This is best done in periods of low light when the fish are less skittish. Below the lock, the river takes on a different appearance. Here the current picks up and the river is paved with rock bars and shallow snags. It is a great area to work spinnerbait lures or shallow-running hard-bodied lures.

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