Tropical Fruit World

Imagine being in a wonderful, scented environment surrounded by trees growing all sorts of unusual, exotic fruits with storybook names such as chewing gum fruit, ice-cream bean, chocolate pudding fruit and red dragon fruit! There’s also plenty of bush tucker to discover. If your kids are not usually adventurous with their food, this may be the spark that inspires them to try something new. They might even get a chance to pick their own! As well as tastings, they’ll enjoy the tractor, train and boat rides, and the chance to interact with animals and play on ‘Treasure Island’.

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Duranbah Rd, Duranbah; (02) 6677 7222

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■ The hidden highlights of Treasure Island – playground, cubby houses, flying fox ride and a minigolf course. Take time to enjoy the peaceful scenic areas and walks; come prepared with a picnic.

Fabulous Facts

Chocolate pudding fruit really does taste like chocolate, especially if you eat it with something sweet such as ice-cream. From the outside it has a similar appearance to a green tomato, but the inside does look like chocolate pudding. It is also called black sapote. It is low in fat and high in vitamin C. At Tropical Fruit World the chocolate pudding fruit should be ripe from August to January.

Insider Tips

■ The tour takes about two-and-a-half hours. You will do everything as part of a tour group, so you can’t travel at your own pace. The only variation is an opportunity to stay longer on Treasure Island and join up with a different returning group. There may be delays and queues at various points on the tour, so bring activities to keep little ones occupied.

■ The fruit tasting includes an informative talk. Check the website to find out which fruits will be in season when you visit. You can try chutneys, jams, spreads, salad dressings and preserves.
■ Animal interactions include kangaroo, duck and fish feeding, and meeting farm animals. Watch out for a range of native animals including koalas, water dragons, carpet snakes, turtles, wild bush turkeys or kingfishers.
■ Of course, there’s a cafe on site where you can taste more fruity delights.

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