Macadamia Castle

Will your kids be nervous or eager as they reach out to pat a large snake? They will probably be surprised to find that it does not feel cold or slippery, but quite warm. Macadamia Castle offers a range of educational animal encounters, from patting (and even holding!) a carpet python, to peeking inside a mouse house and finding out what secret activities mice get up to.

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1699 Pacific Hwy, Knockrow; (02) 6687 8432

Don't Miss

■ Rabbit patting – cuddle a rabbit at one of two sessions daily.

■ The chance to feed free-ranging ducks, chickens and turkeys; seed can be purchased on entry.
■ Face painting – available most Sundays and daily during the school holidays.

Fabulous Facts

Tawny frogmouths spend their daytime perched on gum tree branches, often low down, but you will rarely spot them in normal circumstances because they look exactly like the broken stumps of tree branches. They are disguised by streaky, mottled plumage and the way they tilt their heads. However, if you listen at night you might hear their ooom-ooom-ooom call. See if you can spot the tawny frogmouth in the photo on the Australian Museum website:

Insider Tips

■ Check the website for the daily schedule of keeper talks. The tawny frogmouth is one of the more unusual animals you’ll have a chance to see up close during a keeper’s feed and talk.

■ There are lots of other fun activities such as the flying fox, minigolf, train rides and a playground with multistorey tree house.
■ You can see various Australian animals, some in enclosures and others, such as water dragons, just ‘visiting’ and running free.
■ Cafe Macca offers interesting food with a macadamia nut theme.

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