Wildlife tours around Byron Bay

For one of the most innovative wildlife tours in this country, join Vision Walks on their nocturnal walk in Nightcap National Park, with $1000-night-vision glasses as used by the military. You have an incredible advantage over the animals, in that you can see them clearly (in monochrome) but you are not using a spotlight. Animals include possums, pademelons, tawny frogmouths, koalas, tree mice and frogs. Vision Walks will pick you up from your accommodation in the Byron Bay area, and provide detailed natural history information along the way. They also do day walks and half-day tours.

On a six-hour wildlife tour with Byron Bay Wildlife Tours you are guaranteed of seeing at least seven species of mammal in the wild, including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, pademelons, flying-foxes and often dolphins and humpback whales. The tour, in a small LPG-powered bus, also takes in reptiles, birds and other wildlife around the Byron Bay area.

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