Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory, Darwin, Tourism NT

The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory is one of Darwin’s foremost cultural venues. This institution houses one of the finest Aboriginal art collections in Australia, which is enhanced every year with the work of entrants in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. A spine-tingling cyclone Tracy gallery details what happened during and after that fateful Christmas in 1974. The museum also possesses an excellent natural history display of fauna and flora of the Top End and South-East Asia. The Maritime Boatshed, a vast room filled with all sorts of vessels that have travelled to northern Australia over the years, is impressive in its size and in the diversity of its exhibits from tiny jukung, with their slender outriggers and woven sails, to the large fishing vessels that limped to Australian shores overloaded with refugees. The nearby Territory Craft Darwin exhibits the work of local artists and craft producers. Conacher St, Bullocky Point; open daily; general admission free.


Learning about cyclones at the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory

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