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Driving times to Uluru and Kings Canyon surprise many travellers who expect to stay in Alice and pop out for a ‘visit’ to the Rock. If long-driving distances daunt you, or you are not an experienced four-wheel driver and want to go to places such as Palm Valley, join a tour with an eco-accredited operator such as Alice Springs Holidays.

Experienced 4WD tour operators can also get you safely into more remote areas of the desert country. Try the eco-accredited company Way Out Back, in particular its birdwatching and Aboriginal cultural tours.

Ossies Outback 4WD Tours is also eco-accredited and runs remote tours through desert country, especially the Simpson Desert. They dig a proper bush toilet every night, solving problems of toilet paper blowing around the bush and being dug up by dingoes.

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Way Out Back: (08) 8952 4324 or 1300 551 510


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