Glen Helen Resort

Glen Helen Resort, Tourism NT

This small homestead-style resort is an excellent base for exploring the superb scenery of Glen Helen Gorge and other attractions in West MacDonnell National Park. Its facilities include accommodation, a restaurant, a bar, entertainment, tour information and an attractive natural swimming hole.

Visitor Information

Namatjira Dr; (08) 8956 7489

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Glen Helen Gorge This breathtaking sandstone formation was created by the erosive action of the Finke River over thousands of years. There is a beautiful walk along the Finke River with towering cliffs providing a habitat for black-footed wallabies. Helicopter flights provide awe-inspiring views over Mt Sonder. 300 m E.

West MacDonnell National Park: majestic mountain range and wilderness surrounding Glen Helen Resort and featuring Ormiston Gorge (12 km NE), Ochre Pits (21 km E) and the Larapinta Trail; see Alice Springs.

Tnorala (Gosse Bluff) Conservation Reserve: huge crater, 25 km in diameter, formed when a comet struck earth over 130 million years ago. Excellent views from Tylers Pass. Access permit, from visitor centre, is included with Mereenie Loop permit (Mereenie Loop links West MacDonnells with Kings Canyon Resort in the south-west); 50 km SW.

Eco-friendly activities around town

Walking the Larapinta Trail 8 km

Now known as one of the best arid-zone treks in the world, the 220-kilometre Larapinta Trail goes from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder, and can be done in 12–15 days by experienced hikers. Walkers are advised to use... Find out more

Campsites around town

Finke River Two Mile camping area 1 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this very basic site has no facilities and vehicle access is 4WD only. It is reached north of Namatjira Dr between the Glen Helen Resort access and the Finke River crossing. After heavier rains... Find out more

Ormiston Gorge camping area 8 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this popular campsite can be reached by conventional 2WD vehicles and has good facilities. The site is 7 km off Namatjira Dr, 128 km west of Alice Springs. A number of walking trails start and... Find out more

Hilltop Lookout camping area (walk-in camping) 10 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this bush campsite has no facilities but a great lookout. Bring water and a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Rocky Bar Gap camping area (walk-in camping) 11 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this site is 15 km west of the Finke River trailhead and has no facilities except drinking water. Bring a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Waterfall Gorge camping area (walk-in camping) 16 km

On the Larapinta Trail, Waterfall Gorge has no facilities and is 1.6 km from the nearby lookout. Bring water and a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Redbank Gorge – Woodland camping area 19 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this camping area has large sites amongst mulga shrubs. There are facilities including a free gas BBQ. It is the trailhead for Section 11. Bring drinking water.... Find out more

Redbank Gorge – Ridgetop camping area 20 km

This campground is on the Larapinta Trail, 3.5 km north of Namatjira Dr, 152 km west of Alice Springs. Vehicles can access this site but 4WD is recommended. Bring drinking water. Note: no generators are allowed. This... Find out more

Serpentine Chalet Dam camping area (walk-in camping) 25 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this bush campsite requires a 4WD to access the carpark. It is then a 750 m walk to the camping area. Bring a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Serpentine Chalet camping area 25 km

This 4WD-access camping area is off Namatjira Dr. No generators are allowed and you need to bring firewood, a gas/fuel stove and drinking water. Quiet and secluded, it has dispersed bush camping sites along the track to... Find out more

Serpentine Gorge camping area (walk-in camping) 32 km

This trailhead is 14 km west of Ellery Creek Big Hole. The campsite is located about 500 m along the trail from the carpark to the gorge. The view from the lookout further along this trail is quite spectacular and... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Glen Helen Resort

An hour’s drive west of Alice Springs, this resort is situated in one of the most scenic areas of Central Australia. Rooms at the resort are comfortable, and the restaurant and bar at the lodge are inviting –... Find out more

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