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Population 625

This Aboriginal community lives on the site of a former mission station established by German Lutherans in 1877. During the first 14 years, they recorded the Arrernte language and culture, compiled an Arrernte dictionary and translated the New Testament into the local language. From 1894 to 1922 the mission was run by Pastor Carl Strehlow, who restored and constructed most of the extisting buildings. His son, T. G. H. Strehlow, assembled a vast collection of anthropological items relating to the Arrernte way of life. Renowned artist Albert Namatjira, the first Aboriginal to paint landscapes in a European style, was born at the mission in 1902, and produced art under the acclaimed Hermannsburg School. In 1982 the mission and its land was returned to the Arrernte. Visitors are restricted to the shop, petrol station and historic precinct but there is a caravan park (open when precinct is open), keys from the Top Shop.

Visitor Information

Hermannsburg Historical Society; (08) 8956 7402 or Tourism Central Australia; 1800 645 199


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In Town

Historic precinct The National Heritage–listed mission site comprises about 13 main buildings, mostly stone, the earliest dating from 1877 but generally from the period 1897–1910. They include Strehlow's House (1879), home of the pastor in charge of the mission and now Kata Anga Tea Rooms with a reputation for delicious apple strudel; old manse (1888), currently a watercolour gallery housing work by Aboriginal artists of the Hermannsburg School (guided tours available); old schoolhouse (1896); tannery (1941); and Old Colonists House (1885), now a museum displaying historic items from the missionary era.


Finke Gorge National Park For millions of years the Finke River has carved its way through the weathered ranges, creating red-hued gorges and wide valleys. There are astonishing rock formations and dry creek beds that wind through sandstone ravines, where rare flora flourishes. The park's most famous feature, Palm Valley, is a refuge for about 3000 red cabbage palms (Livistona mariae), which are found nowhere else in the world. The 46 000 ha area is great for bushwalking: a 1.5 km climb leads to Kalarranga Lookout for views of the amazing Amphitheatre rock; the 5 km Mpaara Walk with informative signs explains the mythology of Western Arrernte culture; and the 2 km Arankaia Walk passes through the lush oasis of Palm Valley. Park access by 4WD only. (08) 8951 8290; 20 km S.

Monument to Albert Namatjira: a 6 m red sandstone memorial to the legendary artist; Larapinta Dr; 2 km E.

Wallace Rockhole Aboriginal community: cultural tours and camping; 46 km SE.

Eco-friendly activities around town

Walking the Larapinta Trail 35 km

Now known as one of the best arid-zone treks in the world, the 220-kilometre Larapinta Trail goes from Alice Springs to Mount Sonder, and can be done in 12–15 days by experienced hikers. Walkers are advised to use... Find out more

Campsites around town

Palm Valley camping area 13 km

The main campground has good facilities and is 22 km south of Hermannsburg. You will need to bring your own firewood or use the gas BBQs. Many sites are under trees along Palm Creek, which usually has some water in it... Find out more

Boggy Hole camping area (bush camping) 23 km

You can fish and swim here, but there are no facilities and generators are not allowed. It is on the Finke River 4WD route, 33 km south of Larapinta Dr.... Find out more

Serpentine Chalet camping area 26 km

This 4WD-access camping area is off Namatjira Dr. No generators are allowed and you need to bring firewood, a gas/fuel stove and drinking water. Quiet and secluded, it has dispersed bush camping sites along the track to... Find out more

Serpentine Chalet Dam camping area (walk-in camping) 27 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this bush campsite requires a 4WD to access the carpark. It is then a 750 m walk to the camping area. Bring a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Waterfall Gorge camping area (walk-in camping) 28 km

On the Larapinta Trail, Waterfall Gorge has no facilities and is 1.6 km from the nearby lookout. Bring water and a gas/fuel stove.... Find out more

Serpentine Gorge camping area (walk-in camping) 29 km

This trailhead is 14 km west of Ellery Creek Big Hole. The campsite is located about 500 m along the trail from the carpark to the gorge. The view from the lookout further along this trail is quite spectacular and... Find out more

Finke River Two Mile camping area 31 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this very basic site has no facilities and vehicle access is 4WD only. It is reached north of Namatjira Dr between the Glen Helen Resort access and the Finke River crossing. After heavier rains... Find out more

Ormiston Gorge camping area 35 km

On the Larapinta Trail, this popular campsite can be reached by conventional 2WD vehicles and has good facilities. The site is 7 km off Namatjira Dr, 128 km west of Alice Springs. A number of walking trails start and... Find out more

Ellery Creek Big Hole camping area 35 km

This campsite is on the Larapinta Trail. It is also popular with those not hiking and is accessible with conventional 2WD vehicles. It is a short walk from a permanent waterhole surrounded by river red gums. There... Find out more

Wallace Rockhole Tourist Park 37 km

Take part in dot-painting workshops and Aboriginal rock-art tours at this cosy campground nestled among trees that provide reasonable shade in summer. You will need to bring your own firewood. Signposted off the... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Finke River rest area 80 km

75km N of Erldunda (R) or 125km S of Alice Springs (L)

On the banks of the river, just off the highway.

Pol Hill rest area 81 km

141km N of Erldunda (L) or 59km S of Alice Springs (R)

Adjacent to the highway among a few trees.

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