Birthday Waterhole camping area

4WD Camper trailer Drinking water Fire prohibited Free No dogs/pets No rubbish disposal Non-vehicle camping Vehicle-based camping Hiking trails

A high-clearance 4WD is required to access the trailhead. This site is on the Larapinta Trail 18 km west of Standley Chasm. Bring a gas/fuel stove.

This campsite is located in West MacDonnell National Park

Stretching 170 km across the West MacDonnell Ranges west of Alice Springs, this is one of the most visited parks in the Red Centre. Its highest peak is 1531 m Mount Zeil, in the far west, and its gorges contain beautiful waterholes, startling white ghost gums, and retreats for wildlife. The park is connected by the 223 km Larapinta Trail, as well as by a multitude of shorter walks. A world-class bicycle path also leads through the park from Alice Springs. Most of the park trailheads are accessible by 2WD.

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