Indigenous tours - around Uluru and Kings Canyon

Join dot-painting workshops, sunrise viewing of Uluru and breakfast with Anangu people, or one of the other Anangu Tours and you will learn about the lifestyle and Tjukurpa lore of Uluru’s people, including bush tucker, traditional ways of living and bush skills.

Desert Tracks conducts a one-day tour from Ayers Rock Resort to Cave Hill, perhaps the largest and most significant art site in Central Australia, and site of the Seven Sisters Tjukurpa. But their most exciting tour is the five-day Angatja Bush College, in which you travel into Pitjantjatjara country, camp out, learn how to make traditional weapons and tools, discover some of the creation stories, songlines and dances, and forage for honey ants and other bush tucker.

In the Kings Canyon area, learn about the local rock art, bush tucker and people of the Kings Canyon area at the Wallace Rockhole Tourist Park, an Aranda community. There are also dot-painting workshops, and you can stay in one of the two simple cabins or in the camping area.

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