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Wauchope (pronounced 'walk-up') was established to cater for the wolfram mining and cattle-farming communities nearby. Today it is a service town and tourist stopover thanks to its proximity to the popular Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Conservation Park.

Visitor Information

Wauchope Hotel, Stuart Hwy; (08) 8964 1963.

Nearby national parks

Nearby towns

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In Town

Wauchope Hotel Once catering to workers at the old wolfram mines, this desert oasis now offers fuel, meals (licensed restaurant and takeaway), various standards of accommodation and an adjacent campground. The walls of the pub are adorned with signed bank notes (a 'bush bank' where customers pin deposits to the wall to be retrieved on a later visit) and photographs of patrons. The landscaped beer garden features native birdlife including Bill the talking cockatoo. Stuart Hwy.


Wycliffe Well This roadhouse was the first in the NT to be allowed to sell water (at a penny a gallon). Once a market garden supplying troops during WW II, it now features pleasant picnic lawns surrounding Wycliffe Lake. The area is said to be at a cross-section of energy lines and has had many alleged UFO sightings (ranked 5th in the world for the number of sightings). Wycliffe Well also claims to have Australia's largest range of beers, but any connection between that and the UFO sightings is yet to be proven. Accommodation available. 17 km S.

Devils Marbles (Karlu Karlu) Conservation Reserve: an iconic outback destination, where massive red and orange boulders sit precariously atop each other in a broad desert playground. A network of informal tracks meanders through the rock formations; 8 km N; Read More.

Davenport Range National Park: isolated area with important Aboriginal heritage and waterhole ecology sites; high clearance vehicles or 4WD access only; advise travel plans at the Wauchope Hotel; (08) 8962 4599; 118 km E.

Campsites around town

Wauchope Hotel

Just 8 km from the Devils Marbles, 114 km south of Tennant Creek, this historic pub and roadhouse dates back to the 1930s. You can hire bikes and ride to the Devils Marbles, lounge around the pool, or enjoy the other... Find out more

Devils Marbles camping area 9 km

The simple camping area is 1 km east of the hwy, with signposted access 9 km north of Wauchope. No generators are allowed; bring in your own firewood and water, and note that dogs are only permitted in the campground... Find out more

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park 17 km

One wonders if the fact that this is one of the highest ranking sites for reported UFO activity in the world has anything to do with the huge range of beers on offer. This well-catered park, with 24 ha of parkland, has... Find out more

Whistleduck Creek camping area 58 km

A 4WD is not essential but is recommended to reach this site, and the road may be unsuitable in wet weather. Camping facilities are limited and you’ll need to bring your own firewood and drinking water. From the... Find out more

Caravan parks around town

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park 17 km

This park is 130 km south of Tennant Creek and an ideal stopover on this highway. The quality of the park, complete with a restaurant and a dam stocked with fish, is greater than one would expect here. There are also the... Find out more

Hotels, motels & B&Bs around town

Wauchope Hotel and Roadhouse

The Wauchope Hotel is rustic and inviting, with a licensed restaurant, swimming pool and lively bar. The hotel dates back to the 1930s when wolfram (which was used to harden steel) was mined in the area; today, there are... Find out more

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park

Wycliffe has the dubious honour of being Australia’s UFO capital, with more sightings in this area than any other in the country. Wycliffe Well Holiday Park has a variety of cabins available, plus an indoor... Find out more

Rest areas around town

Devils Marbles camping area 9 km

T/O 9km N of Wauchope (R) or 105km S of Tennant Creek (L)

Among unusual granite boulder formations 1km east of the highway in Devils Marbles Conservation Park. Dogs are allowed, but only at the campground, not on walking tracks.

Bonney Well rest area 24 km

24km N of Wauchope (L) or 90km S of Tennant Creek (R)

Adjacent to the highway at a windmill site.

Taylor Creek rest area 68 km

39km N of Barrow Creek (R) or 51km S of Wycliffe Well (L)

Adjacent to the highway among a couple of trees.

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