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This is a place where your kids will rush from one exhibit to another, excited to explore, then call you over to share their discoveries. They’ll eagerly place insect slides – and their own hands – under a giant microscope to see them magnified on a computer screen. They’ll make the parts of a car engine work by turning a handle. Their favourite, though, will probably be ENERGEX Playasaurus Place, where they can test the size of their own feet against giant dinosaur footprints, join in a dinosaur dance, and gaze up in awe at full-size replicas of prehistoric beasts.

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Cnr Grey and Melbourne sts, South Brisbane; (07) 3840 7555

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Don't Miss

■ The Inquiry Centre on Level 3, where you can touch specimens, see living animal exhibits – including the largest cockroaches in the world, a python and huge stick insects – and ask experts questions about animals, rocks, fossils and people.

Sciencentre on the Lower Level of the same building (extra cost).
■ The giant strangler fig in the Discover Queensland exhibit. How many creatures can you find hiding in it?
■ The pictures of dinosaurs and insects with cut-out faces, where kids can pose for photos.
■ The Story of Energy display in ENERGEX Playasaurus Place, where you can find out about energy sources and how to help the environment.
■ The chance to test your strength, running speed, reflexes and throwing accuracy in the Body Challenge area in Body Zone.

Fabulous Facts

The life-size replica of tyrannosaurus rex in ENERGEX Playasaurus Place is not quite correct! It was made and shipped out from America in 1978. Since then, palaeontologists have discovered new information about this dinosaur. Look at the small, new model and see if you can pick the differences.

Insider Tips

■ The website has lots of interesting information and fun, educational games.

■ The wide-ranging exhibitions include a ‘zoo’ with animals from prehistoric times to the present (from the tiniest insect to the biggest whale), a transport display which includes the smallest boat ever to sail the world, and an exhibit about soldiers awarded the Victoria Cross which has a sound and light show on life in the trenches in World War I.
■ If you have 3–8 year olds, the best time to visit is a weekday morning for the What’s Inside? activities, such as puppets, books and games, which are set up for littlies in various exhibition spaces.
■ There is a cafe open from mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

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